Philip’s Dynamic Noise Limiter

When there is quiet passages, a tape noise becomes disturb. This noise can be reduces using Philips’ Dynamic Noise Limiter circuit. The principle operation of this circuit is improve the signal-to-noise ratio during the quite periods by decreasing the gain for the higher frequencies. However, on the higher frequency components of the signal, the effect is not significant because the […]

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AD8221 Precision Strain Gage Amplifier

AD8221 is an excellent candidate for bridge measurement because it has low offset and high CMRR over frequency. The bridge can be directly connected to the inputs of the amplifier as shown in figure below. The AD8221 is a gain programmable, in its class, high performance instrumentation amplifier that delivers the industry’s highest CMRR over frequency. Today, the CMRR of […]

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Micropower Single-Supply Instrumentation Amplifier

A schematic diagram of a micropower single-supply instrumentation amplifier circuit is shown below. This circuit only need 15µA of current and can give over 110dB of common rejection. A single amplifier can provide differential to single-ended conversion with excellent common mode-rejection because feedback is to trim pins rather than to the inverting pin. Here is the schematic diagram of the […]

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Microphone or Electric Guitar Pre-Amplifier with Noise Gate and Compression

In personal electronics and computer audio system, the SSM2167 is a complete and flexible solution for conditioning microphone inputs. It is also very good for improving vocal clarity in communications and public address systems. Although it is not mentioned to be applied for electric guitar in the datasheet, the frequency response of this signal processor shows that it can be […]

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