Phono Pre-Amplifier

This circuit is a simple circuit that can be used to listening old vinyl discs from a well preserved collection. This circuit efficient for cheap moving-magnet cartridges. It can be used in connection with the audio power amplifiers shown in these article. It also has good RIAA frequency response curve,  good high frequency transients behavior due to passive equalization in […]

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Accelerometer Signal Amplifier

Inverting mode amplifier is needed by precision accelerometers because that usually charge output device. This amplifier is used to convert charge into voltage output. Here is an example of accelerometer with DC servo. C1 is used to convert the charge from the transducer into voltage, which should equal the input capacitance of the op amp plus the transducer capacitance. The […]

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Hydrophone Pre-Amplifier Circuit

Hydrophone is a tool like microphone, but this tool is used in the underwater environment. When used to pick up a sound on the air then this tool becomes less sensitive because it’s mechanical-acoustical properties is designed to match the Acoustical impedance of water. Circuit shown in this article is the hydrophones of a low noise amplifier with DC-servo. To […]

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