Signal Clamper Using Diode

Diode and capacitor can be used to clamp an AC signal, shift the level into positive region for all cycle. Sometimes this condition is needed, to have positive state at all time, for example in some analog-to-digital conversion. At first of its operation, when the signal is in a direction diode forward, the capacitor is charged until the peak level […]

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FET Switch: A Voltage-Controlled Analog Switch

This is a JFET switch circuit.This circuit uses a MPF102 JFET transistor. In this circuit, the JFET is symmetrical, so the input can be source or drain. The MPF102 is used because this transistor has gate’s reverse breakdown voltage of greater than 25 and in order DSG. The supply of this circuit is ±12V since the maximum gate’s reverse breakdown […]

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LM359 Fast Photodiode Amplifier

Photo-diode can be used for high speed digital transmission, but you have to provide high speed signal conditioner for that purpose. The amplifier circuit shown in the schematic diagram below satisfy the high-speed requirement. The circuit is based on current mode (Norton) operational amplifier, that’s why the response is faster than regular op-amp.  The frequency response of this circuit is […]

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