Darlington Transistor Pair Logic Probe

Ideally, any testing equipment will not draw any current from the device under test. This ideal condition can be approximated by  designing a testing device with a very high input impedance for negligible loading, and this Darlington logic probe circuit could be one of this. This circuit uses two transistor in Darlington configuration. The connection of transistor will give very […]

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Logarithmic Light (Photodiode) Sensor Signal Conditioner

There are many measurement system that would be more suitable if we use logarithmic scale, especially when we try to mimics human sensory response. Most physical phenomenon that sensible to human’s biological sensor system is wide range in nature. Human perception system is gifted with right method to scale very wide measurement range: logarithmic. We perceive unit based on significance […]

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Optical Pyrometer Detect The Spectrum Composition

This pyrometer is used to measure an incandescent body. The principle for this measurement is that the hotter the body, the spectrum of the radiation will contain more shorter wavelength (visible light). This circuit use infrared filter to separate the visible and infrared spectrum, since the sensor (photodiode) is sensitive for both visible and infrared spectrum. Here is the schematic […]

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